Yin YogaYin Yoga is yoga that works the tissues of the body.

While seemingly gentler and laid back than other yoga styles, in reality, it gives a tough, thorough workout that stretches the body. Holding the postures takes long in this style of yoga and stretches the tissues and joints in various parts of the body.

Yoga positions

Because of its helpful benefits, some doctors prescribe a treatment of this type yoga to help people with addictions deal with the emotions and find the tranquility they need. There are approximately 36 different positions to learn with this style.

The purpose behind them is to draw the energy (or the chi) from dormancy to work throughout the body. The positions or asanas should be completed in a particular order to help achieve that energy filled body.

Yin Yoga is not the new kid on the block but rather a resurrection of traditional old style yoga.

The main difference is found in the length of time used to remain in the same pose. Some of the poses are short – just a few minutes or so. But other positions are held stationary for up to twenty minutes.

That might not seem like it’s such a workout, but try doing the poses and holding it still (don’t forget the proper breathing!) for twenty minutes. If you haven’t ever done it and haven’t familiarized yourself with the correct techniques, by the end of the twenty minutes, your muscles will quiver from the exertion of holding still. Relaxation and learning how to stretch the tissues and joints is an important part of this type of yoga.

It’s only by knowing the first steps to limber and flex the body that you’ll be capable of moving on to the positions.

Learning the poses is what helps those who practice yoga with the meditation postures.

Performing this yoga brings a satisfaction to the mind in that it relieves stress and it brings a relaxation to the body in that the tension is freed from the joints.

All forms of yoga can transform lives and can help to slow the ravages and the toil that time dishes out onto the body.

Yin Yoga has a lot to offer anyone and it’s a great style for the beginner and those who are recuperating from emotional trouble.

Lastly, it can bring a deeper level of energy, balance and better health to all who practice it.