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There is a simple secret to happiness that some may not know. Do you think you know it?

It is easy, yet not always so easy at the same time. The secret is to be your own best friend.

Although it might sound a little trite when you’re advised to “be your own best friend,” the fact is that all your life, you’re the only person you’ll always have.

If you like yourself as an individual, you’re more likely to live a happy and fulfilled life.

So what does it really mean to be your own best friend? You’ll do and say all the things to yourself that a best friend would. You’ll support and encourage yourself to make wise choices and go after your dreams. Most of all, you’ll love yourself as only a best friend could.

Become your own best friend.

These tips will help you enjoy this secret to happiness:

1. Do a personal inventory of your strengths and weaknesses.
Be gentle, yet realistic, in identifying your personal qualities. Know what you’re great at and what you might want to work on.

2. Accept yourself just the way you are.
Learning to feel comfortable with yourself is one of the biggest hurdles to being your own best friend.

* Maybe you laugh too loud or get jealous easily. It’s okay! If you’d like to change some qualities about yourself, accept these qualities as something you can work on rather than denying them or being critical. 

3. Follow your own internal rules for what to do and not do.
Listen to what your heart, mind, soul, and gut is telling you. Refrain from doing something you don’t respect.

* For example, let’s say keeping friends’ information private is important to you. If a friend tells you something in confidence and someone else tries to pump you for information, avoid behaving in a way that makes you feel upset later.

* What you feel and believe matters. Being your own best friend means you recognize the importance of your own thoughts and emotions.

4. Allow yourself to make mistakes.
No one can realistically expect perfection. After all, you are human!

* When you err, make a concerted effort to review what you did and why you did it. Learn from your mistake so you’ll know how to handle a similar situation in the future. Consider it a learning experience instead of beating yourself up about it.

* In essence, give yourself a break.

5. Be protective of yourself.
Refrain from allowing others to mistreat or take advantage of you.

6. Stand up for yourself.
If someone has treated you unfairly, let them know you’ve noticed and that you don’t appreciate it. Then, tell them in an appropriate manner what you want or need from them.

7. Learn to soothe yourself when times are tough.
You’ll benefit greatly from knowing how to help yourself feel better when you’re feeling down or sad.

  •  Figure out what eases your emotional pain and make use of it whenever necessary. 
  •  For example, if reading a favored author relaxes and rejuvenates you, that might be one of your ways to self-soothe. 
  •  If taking a long walk gives you the opportunity to think something through and be relieved of negative feelings, you’ve got another great method of self-soothing. 
  •  Of course, it’s important to your well-being to find positive ways to self-soothe. Avoid using unhealthy methods like substance abuse or overeating.

8. Consider your own needs first.
Although some would say this is selfish, in most instances, it makes perfect sense. After all, you’ll struggle in helping others if you aren’t taking care of yourself. So keep yourself in the best shape you can, emotionally and physically.

9. Know your own priorities and live your life in consideration of them.
Once you establish what’s important to you, you’ll be able to go after whatever it is you want in life.

Vow to be your own best friend by following these strategies. Learning to treat yourself with kindness, respect and care will pay off throughout your life. You truly will discover the secret to happiness.

Make it a life goal to be your own best friend forever.