Entrepreneurship and Success are driving factors in today’s society. Millions are spent every year, on books and courses on how to start a business, how to be successful, and how to make a million dollars.

Many live and breathe on a quest for what society determines as success.

How do we get this “success”?

A single goal is chose, and then strived for day and night. We read about the great ones…

Bill Gates* would focus on only one thing with the utmost discipline.

Warren Buffet* ruled out paying attention to anything but his business so that he could focus solely on his passion.

And so we set out in life and strive for that one goal. That goal of “success”.

But what is success?

Money? Power? Sweet car? A big house.

Maybe for some.

But there are those that find success to be something different.

SUCCESS: A mother’s goal for her children to be happy and healthy.

SUCCESS: A man’s goal for his career to have forward momentum.

SUCCESS: An athlete’s dream to go to the olympics.

All sounds great, right? Good people striving for their version of success.

Here is the problem with Success today.

Job InterviewsThe young woman determined to succeed at her firm
, working 18 hour days, trying to get ahead. She works late, comes in early and finds her work spills over into her weekends too, but she feels this is what it takes to succeed.

All at the sake of her relationships. She doesn’t have time to spend time with her family and her friends are now nonexistent. She doesn’t realize that her success would be greater and more secure with a social structure to lean on.

Tmake extra moneyhe man that wants so badly to make his first million, to show everyone that he could do it. He works whenever he needs to, travel when he needs to, and burns the midnight oil more nights than not working to perfect his skill.

All at the sake of his health. He is going so often his sleep suffers, there is little time to exercise and he eats what he can on the run. He doesn’t realize that neglecting his health can and will cut his life short.

best yoga classThe yoga teacher that is devoted to her health and the health of others. She has a tribe of followers that adores all she does. She volunteers, gives of herself, but has no plans but to help those that need it and to be as healthy as possible.

All at the sake of her money, for she makes little and doesn’t realize that money is opportunity to do more and people would happily pay for her help.

pitfalls of debtThe mom that lives for her family. She runs her household like a business; breakfast made, kids to school, husband off to work, house is spotless, laundry done, kids events and schedules on point, dinner made, and the list goes on. But what happens when her kids go off on their own, or her husband moves on.

She took care of her family all at the sake of her career, education and hobbies. She didn’t think of a life other than her family and now she feels empty and unsure of her direction in life.

Success is not, and cannot be a single focused aim.

single focusLife is not single focused.

Life is rich, made of many parts that make us whole. This holistic approach to life, where we can touch on all of these facets, makes for a balanced, fruitful, and full life.

A holistic life is sustainable. 

An integrative approach to life gives us a foundation to move forward, in all area of our life.

You can aim for success in all areas of life.

This is Integrative Success.

My mission is for you to embrace change and take power over your life; to live the life of your dreams.

Here are just some of the topics we love to talk about at Integrative Success:

Body image
Whole Foods
Essential Oils
Discovering Life Purpose
Feng Shui
Net worth

If you are ready for change; to take charge of your life and live with intention – then you’re in the right place.

If you are ready to build the life you want; a holistic life with a foundation in all areas of your life, then you are in the right place.

You are ready for Integrative Success.

Soon we will be launching the Integrative Success Academy where you can focus on your Success in a holistic, integrative way.  Need some work on your “money stuff”? You can follow the money path. Need to work on your health?  Browse our health related course work.

All coursework will be self-paced and easy to access on any device.

Our mission is you. The best you that you can be.

Here’s to your happy, healthy, balanced and successful life. The life of your dreams.