enjoy the momentAre you the type of person that lets the negative circumstances and challenges you face determine your level of happiness?

Do you believe that you’ll be happy when you land the next big promotion, save enough money, or find the soul mate you been looking for? While positive goals drive you forward, it’s important to learn to bloom where you’re planted. Find the good in where you are. Remember to be grateful, instead of focusing on the feeling that there’s always something missing.

To bloom where you’re planted, look for the good in every challenge you face. Some of the wealthiest people feel empty because they don’t have the unconditional love of others, their health, or other things that money can’t buy. And, some of the poorest people in the world are the happiest.

Why? Because they choose to find the good and focus on it.

When thinking about blooming right where you are, ask yourself the following questions:

* What do you have that you can be thankful for?
* Do you have a place to live and enough to eat?
* Are you employed? Can you pay your bills?
* Do you have your health?
* Are there people who love you, and whom you love in return?
* Do you practice your faith to help you with positive energy?

What You Think About Yourself Matters

How you look at the world and your level of confidence in yourself can affect what you achieve in life. People who act as though they’re happy often are, because their lives follow their actions. Instead of focusing on problems, focus on possible solutions until you achieve the results you desire. Always speak well about yourself.

Spoken and written words have tremendous power. Those words can shape entire lives when people take them to heart. On the other hand, if you internalize negative words, everything you could be grateful for will seem insignificant. That negativity will make you feel discouraged and dissatisfied.

Instead, take only positive words into your heart.

Positive words, whether spoken by you or by someone else, can help to shape your life.

You can bloom where you are right now.

Move forward toward your goals and continue to improve. With this in mind start looking for the joy right where you are. What you think is intimately connected to how you feel. Think life-affirming thoughts and you’ll feel more alive. Think thoughts of gloom and discouragement and you’ll feel unhappy. Decide today to enjoy the precious, present moment. Today, choose to be present and conscious in every moment.

When you do, you’ll be finding joy in life.