save moneyAs your life gets busier, kids activities take over, work commitments pile on, it is tempting to let go in other areas of your life. One thing that can go upside down in a hurry in our house is our organization! 

Good bye tidy, hello “where is that, I know I just saw it somewhere…”

Worst part, being messy can be expensive!

How angry are you when you find an overdue bill under a pile of paper! Ugh! Every messy household has had this happen.

Good organization is the keystone to making and saving money. So if you are wanting to do either, you’ll find you can make major progress (in both) by doing some organizing.

Schedule Your Bills

The first expenses you have each month are your household bills and they are usually pretty stable from month to month.

Being organized about these can make it much easier to manage your money, and ensure these are always on time, even when you can’t remember what day it is.

* Use online banking or a bill pay service to pay all of your monthly bills. Schedule them and forget about them. Time and sanity saver.

* Pay your taxes on time or early. Mark your calendar!! Penalties, as well as late charges, are added if you don’t file the proper extensions. Same time every year, so get on it early!

* If you work independently, you can consider paying your taxes quarterly so you don’t have to worry about them all at the end of the year. off your chair

Organize Your Paperwork

Make files for all of your paperwork so you know where you receipts, financial statements are bills are. Even better scan everything into a free program like Evernote and stop dealing with the paper hassle. Go paperless.

* Start small! Everyday take a look at your desk area and think about what pieces of paper you can immediately get rid of, scan in or file away. Don’t worry about the entire pile today, just start with a little.

*A garbage can by your desk is essential, as is a shredder to prevent identity theft. If it has any of your personal info in it just shred it to be safe. If you think you may need it later scan it and upload to Evernote or something similar. You can search scanned documents in Evernote, it is pretty awesome if you haven’t checked it out. I am sure there are others, but this one I know works, and it starts for Free!

* Utilize file folders or a portable file container instead of having piles of papers on your desk or countertops. Seeing it doesn’t make it easier to find, so figure out some way to organize your papers. By date, by vendor, by category, whatever will work for you! Or opt for a paperless filing system.

Consult with a Financial Advisor

Whether  you are just starting out or you are a seasoned investor and saver, meeting with a financial advisor can help you reach your financial goals. Consulting an expert about your finances not only helps you get organized with your investments, it helps you really see where you are with your retirement, savings and other important financial responsibilities.

* If you don’t have any investments, an expert can listen to your financial goals and recommend a plan for reaching those goals. 

By being organized and in control of your money you are more in control of your life. It is up to you, and only you to evaluate your accounts regularly and stay organized.

Get Organized and Save Money

A little bit of organizing each day and regularly monitoring your progress will help you reach your financial goals.

You can do it.